The car park is operated as an unguarded paid car parking with 24-hour operation all year round.

I. General provisions

  1. One-way traffic is established throughout the car park and Decree No 30/2001 Coll. and 223/1997 Coll. on road traffic rules apply in full.
  2. The speed limit throughout the site is 10 km/h.
  3. The maximum permissible overall height of parked vehicles is 2.1 m.
  4. Vehicles with alternative propulsion (LPG, CNG, electric) are allowed to enter the area -1. underground floor.
  5. Vehicles with LPG and CNG propulsion are not allowed to enter and park in the -2nd underground floor. 
  6. Movement of persons in the parking area that is not related to the use of the parking space is STRICTLY PROHIBITED !
  7. The fee is payable in cash at the parking machines before departure.
  8. The operator is not liable for damage or theft of the parked vehicle, nor for items stored in it.

II. Duties of the driver

  1. When parking the vehicle, always properly close and lock the vehicle so that it is always properly secured against theft. Keep the parking ticket for the purpose of payment and access to the premises.
  2. If the parking ticket is lost, the driver must pay a one-off fee of CZK 1,000 in cash to the attendant.
  3. Comply with all warning signs, traffic signs, notices and instructions of the lessor, including those of the parking lot attendant.
  4. Comply with all safety and fire regulations.
  5. Use the parking space only for a vehicle in roadworthy condition.
  6. Maintain order and cleanliness in all areas of the car park.
  7. Before leaving, go FIRST to the BOX and then to the vehicle! Pay the parking fee at the automatic cash desk located at the entrance to the parking house.
  8. After payment, leave the parking lot within 15 minutes.
  9. Observe the no smoking policy throughout the facility by driver and passenger.

III. Restrictions on users

It is PROHIBITED in the parking space provided, in the parked vehicle and in all areas of the parking lot :

  1. smoking and the use of open flames
  2. carry out any repairs, maintenance, adjustments or washing of vehicles
  3. to refuel or store fuel - except in the vehicle tanks
  4. to store unnecessary material, spare parts including tyres and other waste in the car park premises
  5. start the vehicle engine for any purpose other than the immediate departure of the vehicle from the car park
  6. storing hazardous and flammable materials and volatile substances. 

Business Premises:

Parkovací garáže u Janáčkova divadla

Rooseveltova 711/3
602 00 Brno
Česká republika

Call - Write

Mobil: +420 733 143 540 (NONSTOP)
Email: jdparking@outlook.cz

How you can reach us

Drive-in from Moravske namesti by tram stop in direction to Cerna Pole.